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Online Pilates Classes

We launched online Pilates classes in March 2020, taking our time to make sure we could deliver classes that felt like you were in a regular class all be it with a shorter commute! Overall most of you managed to navigate though the booking system into our virtual Zoom studio successfully. For us, it was brilliant to be back teaching. Please see below for a description of the classes that feature on our online program.

Osteo/Bone Health: An online version of our regular osteo classes. There will be a mix of floor based and functional exercises. You will likely need your runners and a chair! 

Intermediate 1: Let’s move and build your strength through range of exercises. We will offer a variety of options to allow you work at your level. You should be familiar with our class style and the basics of Pilates to join this class. Most of our regular classes are pitched at this level 

Intermediate 2: This is a more challenging class. You should be comfortable with a full plank or roll up for this class. This class is not appropriate for anyone with osteoporosis.

Early morning stretch and move: Wake your body up with some gentle movement building into an intermediate level class. 

Lunch time move: The anti-desk! We will add some additional thoracic and hip mobility work to encourage your body away from a chair shape building into an intermediate level class.

Classes will be posted for the week ahead by Sunday morning, you are welcome to come along to as many classes as you like, just be sure to check the class level is suitable for you. Get in touch if you are unsure. 

You can book our classes through Bookinghawk and more information is available on your confirmation email. 

Niall at Bookinghawk has created this helpful video for us to help you find your way to class from your confirmation email. Please see the following link for this video.

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