Online Beginners Pilates

We launched online Pilates classes in March 2020. The classes are hosted on Zoom and can be accessed through a computer, lap top or smart phone. We are always happy to help you navigate through Zoom with a practice run in advance of your class. 

Our Beginners Classes are smaller and more interactive than our regular classes as we guide you through fundamental exercises. We organise these classes in a course format to allow us to progress these exercises week to week and these will form the building blocks for more advanced exercises down the line. We used many of these movements in our rehabilitation plans to assist those recovering from lower back, shoulder or hip pain in particular. The class can also be suitable post partum following your GP or Women’s Health physiotherapy check up. 

A link to a pre-participation health questionnaire will be sent to you. We will organise a 15min Zoom consult to discuss any particular needs you may have in advance of class commencing.

Classes will be recorded. If you miss  a class for some reason we can send a link to the recording that you can access at a time that suits you. We will also provide some short online video  resources to  help you practice at home between classes.

You can book our classes through Bookinghawk and more information is available on your confirmation email. 

Niall at Bookinghawk has created this helpful video for us that explains how you find your way to class from your confirmation email. Please see the following link for this video. 

Feedback from a recent graduate of our Beginners Online Class:
“I had attended Pilates classes with Sinéad and her team for 10 to 12 years until 2017 when I moved house, a hundred miles from Cork! I really missed the classes and as there is no physiotherapy led Pilates class near where I live now I didn’t keep it up.
I was delighted to join the beginners class in January. Ellen assessed me first on a zoom one to one and then I commenced the 6 week course. I found the class very easy to follow, Ellen gave us clear and precise instructions and I thoroughly enjoyed the classes. The 40 minutes flew by and I really felt part of a class. Also the fact that I didn’t have to leave home and could attend a class 100 miles away is a bonus. I am now doing follow up classes and intend to keep them up.” 
TL April 2021

Level 5 restrictions: The clinic remains open

Our clinical work is considered essential and we will remain open as a practice to support you through level 5 restrictions. We can continue to see you in the clinic face to face and online through video/phone consultations.

Our online live classes will be supplemented with some pre-recorded classes and you can book these through Bookinghawk. We are also available to custom an online class for you individually, if you would like a friend to join your session from their home we can also organise this and many of you have enjoyed these sessions already! 

How we deliver rehabilitation services will change slightly. We have decided to pause our group Reformer classes through the month of November in line with the spirit of the current lock down. As a health care practice we feel that this is the best way to proceed to keep us all safe and well.

For many of you we have used Reformer based rehabilitation as a treatment tool and can continue to offer this on an individual basis through 1:1 sessions. We are happy to extend this to a duet session within your close contact bubble. Please contact your regular class physiotherapist to book these sessions.

Our new studio space

Welcome to our rehabilitation and Reformer Studio in Blackrock. We are excited to watch this space grow as we work to support you in your movement journey.

We are preparing to go live and in person with Reformer classes from September. The paintwork complete in the new studio and we are waiting for the finishing touches. We know some of you are keen to go as soon as possible!! New machines are due to arrive on Wednesday and if everything goes to plan we will get going as soon as possible. We will keep you posted via email and our social media platforms.

Why have we relocated our Reformer Studio? 
We made the tough decision to find a new home for our Reformers to facilitate social distancing. More importantly we decided to move class traffic from South Bank where we treat vulnerable clients daily. The solution means South Bank is a safer environment for you to attend for physiotherapy treatment.

Our new studio is located in Blackrock National Hurling Club. It has been a project that we have had in the pipeline for a number of years and offers so much potential. We have worked with the Rockies for 16 years and already spend a lot of time there! The added advantage of unlimited free parking outside the door will make life easier for many of you!

What measures are we taking to run classes safely? 
Moving to our new studio has more than doubled our class floor space. 6 Reformers in 60m2 is a lot of room to socially distance and with the added benefit of very high ceilings we are really happy with the space.

We have always taken cleaning our equipment very seriously both before and after classes. We will continue to do so! In addition new Ezclean straps have arrived from the US, these are particularly easy to sanitise between classes.

We will set up booking through Bookinghawk, you will be asked a series of COVID related questions at the time of booking. We do ask if you have experienced any flu like symptoms or have had recent contact with a known or suspected case of COVID that you do not attend the studio. Likewise if you have travelled internationally we ask that you do not attend classes for your quarantine period.

Alcohol Gel will be readily available for use on entry and leaving the studio. On arrival we will repeat the COVID screening questions and check your temperature.

We will ask you to wear a face covering on entry to the studio. For now you can continue to wear this through class or remove it once you reach your machine** these guidelines may change depending on public health advice.

Will Pilates return to South Bank? 
We will continue to hold some Pilates equipment at South Bank for 1:1 based rehabilitation and eventually small group work as and when it’s deemed safer to do so.

What about mat classes? 
We will restart our in person class options with Reformer classes, the small group numbers make it easier to ensure social distancing. We envisage starting some in person mat classes once we find our feet but in the the meantime we will continue with a range of online classes.

Osteo/Bone Health classes 
We will continue online classes for this group. We will also look to offer Reformer based classes depending on demand.

Pregnancy/Prenatal Classes 
Eimear will run a prenatal class online with a plan to start a new course the week of September 7th. Please get in touch if you are interested.

Teenage Classes 
Teens are welcome to join our online and in person classes. Once the school term is up and running we will look at specific class options for this group.

We will share more information during the week as we get closer to launching.

Online Pilates Classes

We launched online Pilates classes in March 2020, taking our time to make sure we could deliver classes that felt like you were in a regular class all be it with a shorter commute! Overall most of you managed to navigate though the booking system into our virtual Zoom studio successfully. For us, it was brilliant to be back teaching. Please see below for a description of the classes that feature on our online program.

Osteo/Bone Health: An online version of our regular osteo classes. There will be a mix of floor based and functional exercises. You will likely need your runners and a chair! 

Intermediate 1: Let’s move and build your strength through range of exercises. We will offer a variety of options to allow you work at your level. You should be familiar with our class style and the basics of Pilates to join this class. Most of our regular classes are pitched at this level 

Intermediate 2: This is a more challenging class. You should be comfortable with a full plank or roll up for this class. This class is not appropriate for anyone with osteoporosis.

Early morning stretch and move: Wake your body up with some gentle movement building into an intermediate level class. 

Lunch time move: The anti-desk! We will add some additional thoracic and hip mobility work to encourage your body away from a chair shape building into an intermediate level class.

Classes will be posted for the week ahead by Sunday morning, you are welcome to come along to as many classes as you like, just be sure to check the class level is suitable for you. Get in touch if you are unsure. 

You can book our classes through Bookinghawk and more information is available on your confirmation email. 

Niall at Bookinghawk has created this helpful video for us to help you find your way to class from your confirmation email. Please see the following link for this video.